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Now with the Goodness of Copper +3 other Micronutrients











Trust of over 1 Lakh mothers*
Tested/certified by over leading national and international laboratories
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RO Water Treatment Plant (BWT-RO-1)



Trusted by over 10 million families

We know India’s water condition the best


Water purification technology developed for India basis water test done for over 7000 pin codes in India.

Water conditions across India are is not the same. Water quality changes, so does the TDS level, the quantity of new age contaminants like pesticides, and heavy metals like arsenic, lead and much more.

We are the only water purifier brand in India to invest in research & development on varying water conditions in over 7000 pin codes. Basis which we have developed 21 water purification technologies to combat the different water conditions.

We take pride in developing innovative technologies like Biotron™, Active Copper Maxx™ and Mineral Guard™ to help India drinking not just pure, but healthy water.

Your drinking water comes from diverse sources
























Why Choose Us?

About US


  • hind Water have a experienced engineering team and a group of skilled technicians for plant, cooling tower installation, commissioning & start up with after sales service facilities. We have different test facilities our own lab equipment’s.
  • hind Water ensure the stock of spear parts for the client is always ready to give maximum technical support for the solution of problem.
  • hind Water have highly motivated experienced engineers & technician constantly for exercising on the same field, we ensure you to provide all necessary types of services for selection of exact machinery, Installation & troubleshooting. We attend all of your queries and complaints with the greatest sincerity and care. We assure our clients of our Best Service at all time.
History of Hind Water

hind Water was founded in the year 2008 and we are manufacturing and assembling of Water Treatment Plant, as well as WTP, ETP, DM Plant, RO Plant, UV system. Importer, supplier and local service provider of Chiller, Cooling Tower, Water Treatment Plant, Online Water Filter, Water treatment chemicals, Dosing pump. We also supply spare parts and supporting items like Generator, Cooling Tower PVC Infill, PVC Louver, Cooling Tower Motor, Sprinkler Head, Ion Exchange Resin, Manganese Green Sand, Activated Carbon, Filter Cartridges, RO Membrane, RO Booster Pump, UV Lamp etc.

hind Water is working is one of the Industrial Marketing Company since of year 2008 and marketing different types of Industrial products. Serve the Industry satisfactory such as – Textile, Spinning, Knitting & Dyeing, Garments, Tobacco Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Power Station, Pulp & Paper Mills, Beverages, CNG Station & many others.

Our Mission

The mission of Hind Water is to manufacture and market quality Water and Waste Water Treatment Equipment’s and water treatment Chemicals adhering to the strict manufacturing standards, offering latest technologies, timely delivery and reasonable cost giving maximum value to our customers.

Our Skills

Total Textile Chemicals & ETP Solution Provider

  • Product Quality 100%
  • Quantity 100%
  • Service 100%
  • Maintainance 100%
  • Accuracy 100%
  • Feedback 100%
Your health matters to us

We use food grade, non-toxic and engineering-grade plastics and manufactured in ISO 9001 and 14001 certified manufacturing facilities.

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Your health matters to us

hind water purifiers come with electronically authenticated cartridges that deliver healthy or no water.

Your health matters to us

Intelligent Purity system ensures the delivery of safe water or no water, it continuously senses the UV rays fall on the sensor and stops the function if the UV fails.


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